Machinery & Equipment Appraisal

Harwell & Company provides certified machinery and equipment appraisals to satisfy the needs and requirements of banks, commercial lenders, CPAs, attorneys, business owners, and government agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Small Business Administration (SBA).


Based in north Texas, Harwell & Company serves clients throughout the Texas and Oklahoma and maintains a network capable of completing appraisal assignments at locations across the United States.


Harwell & Company provides clients with certified machinery and equipment appraisals that are USPAP compliant. Our appraisals include the industry sectors of manufacturing, construction, energy, transportation, agriculture, distribution, heavy machinery, medical and dental, food and restaurant, and other businesses.


Estimating the value of machinery and equipment requires the specialized skills of a professional who has the experience, training, and certification to determine its value. We provide appraisals that reflect fair market value or other standards of value such as liquidation value, salvage value, or replacement cost. It makes financial sense for clients to obtain a Certified Equipment Appraisal Report. It’s their assurance that they will receive a professional appraisal that is accurate, irrefutable, and a defensible value of their machinery and equipment and will be accepted by financial institutions, government agencies, buyers, sellers, shareholders, and the courts.


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